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The Mindful Millennial

The Millenial generation is a powerful, knowledgable bunch. They take a lot of heat from stereotypes but at the root of their traits and skills are superpowers that can be used for good! Here are a few favorites:

1. Individuality - Millenials see themselves as different from the pack, unique in their abilities and talents. This allows them to also see there is not just ONE way to accomplish a task or ONE answer, each situation and solution is unique.

2. Curiosity - The days of taking a day or two or one week to research are over. Millennials have the world at their fingertips and know how to get an answer, stalk a lead online and have their photo, email, home address and Insta handle by close of business.

3. Charity - Millenials believe in the greater good, they love to get behind a good cause, give back and feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves. 

4. Financial Stability - Thanks to mountains of student loan debt, this generation has to be more frugal in order to make their monthly payments. Millennials long for a healthy, stable financial future free from crippling debt.

This look allows The Mindful Millenial to express her unique self with a bright color palette, free from black dress pants and cardigans.