FREE SHIPPING by U.S. Ground on all orders over $75
FREE SHIPPING by U.S. Ground on all orders over $75
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About Us

Welcome to Dear Elly! We’re so excited you stopped in!

Our mission at Dear Elly is to make you feel like your best self at work. We want you to walk out the door in the morning with a positive attitude knowing today is a great day!  We want to help you put your best foot forward while you rock a presentation or have that first conference with students’ parents. 

 At Dear Elly, we feel strongly about not leaving you hanging; if you love a sweater or necklace or pair of pants we will show you how to put it together and style it as an outfit. We also know how hard you work and that anything you buy at Dear Elly should feel like a little gift for yourself. When you open up your package, we want you to feel the same way you do on a Friday morning before you treat yourself to a deluxe coffee drink in celebration of crushing your work week. You deserve it!

 If you’re looking for even more tips, work positivity and inspiration check out our blog and follow along with us on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest & Facebook.